3 Benefits of Maintaining Your Brick Paver Driveway in Oakland County, MI

Cleaning your driveway may be the last thing on your mind. However cleaning, sealing and maintaining your driveway is still very important. From preventing unwanted growth to keeping it from falling apart, maintenance does all this and more.

A driveway is subjected to the most stress, rough usage, and wear and tear compared to any other feature on your property. Out in the open, they have to face the scorching heat and frigid cold. They also have to bear the weight of heavy cars, further adding to the stress they have to endure. It’s a wonder that your driveway is still in one piece.

Here’s how a good maintenance schedule can keep it that way.

  1. Good Maintenance Prevents Weeds and Moss from Growing on Your Driveway

Weeds growing through the cracks in a driveway is never a good sight. In fact, anything that isn’t part of the structure shouldn’t be there at all. Preventing this unwanted growth also helps maintain your driveway’s integrity.

The best way to go about this is to have your driveway pressure washed and sealed every two years or so. Special sand is used to seal the spaces in between the pavers so that there is no empty space for the plants to grow out from. By getting rid of anything pushing up between the brick pavers, you can extend the life of your driveway, too.

  1. Good Maintenance Helps Your Driveway Become More Resistant to Pesky Stains

There are a lot of things that can cause stains on your driveway. Oil, tire marks, coolant, grease and many other substances can leave a mark that’s hard to get rid of. These stains can be easily prevented by applying a layer of paver gloss or a sealant to your driveway.

The sealer will also make cleaning a lot easier since stains won’t be able to cling to the surface. It will also help resist other common stains such as bird droppings, stains from wet leaves, etc. This is a great way to help your driveway keep looking its best no matter what drops on it.

  1. Good Maintenance Protects Your Driveway from Water Damage

Since it’s made of individual brick pavers, your driveway may develop gaps between those pavers. It could be due to the ground underneath or a variety of other reasons. If those gaps develop, it can become an excellent place for water to accumulate. And because water expands when it turns into ice, if the water reaches the base of the pavers, it can cause damage when it freezes during the winter.

Making sure that your brick pavers are sealed will prevent that from happening. With regular maintenance, these issues can be addressed before they become a problem. That way, you can save yourself from unexpected expenses and headaches in the future.

I Need Paver Maintenance & Repair on my Oakland County Brick Paver Driveway!

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