Hi, Chelsea here from PMS Services, here to talk to you about redoing that old concrete or asphalt driveway and replacing it with the 4 year warranty on Brick Pavers. What better way to increase your home’s curb appeal than a Brick Paver Driveway with a rest assurance 4 year warranty? Paver driveways are the best option for Michigan, because of the freeze thaw instead of the monolithic pores of concrete, which crack and float.  Meaning that they move up slightly in the winter when the ground freezes and settles back down with the spring thaw. Being segmental allows for different soils to freeze differently without the cracking of asphalt and concrete. But not all brick paver driveways are installed the same.

Make sure that you get PMS’s assurance of a 4 year unconditional warranty and if another oakland county brick paver company is contracted make sure they are financially sound and we’ll back it up. Call us toll free at 1 866 786 9500 to schedule a free  estimate or go to www.oaklandcountybrickpaver.com or www.weretheguys.com. Thank you for your interest in PMS.