Right now, what we’re doing is compacting the base and wetting the base to make sure we’re getting in 99% compaction ratio so this brick paver patio in Rochester Hills, Michigan does not move. The focal point is the pool and the brick paver steps that you see leading up are actually aimed at the pool  so you can sit down and enjoy the pool on the brick paver steps. We’re running this compaction again every 2 to 3 inches and your going to want to run a plate compactor over this. Therefore you are going to get that compaction ratio.

The walls are all tied in with geo-grid they also have a sock pipe that allows you to get the hydrostatic pressure that gets water out in the wintertime. When you see the freeze/thaw, it doesn’t push that wall over. The brick retaining wall is also set back this way. And the reason that brick retaining wall is set back is the tongue and groove system. And the tongue and groove system allows the weight to be pushed back toward the house. Therefore, when the brick paver patio does freeze in the wintertime, there is weight pulling it back. And when it freezes it wants to push out so the retaining walls do not fail. So that’s what he’s doing right now with the brick paver patio.

You can also see that there is a water proof barrier up against the house. Therefore they won’t have any leaks and things like that are going to the basement. We want to make sure that the whole house is covered. Not only by the house but all the way out to the extension of the brick paver patio.

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