Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services here, again, in our indoor Hanson brick paver showroom in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Here, what we’re looking at, you’re looking at this pillar right here, and you’re looking at this bar area. Granite is going to be installed; the granite is going to have a slight overhang from here. Over to here, there’s going to be a nice big TV that’s going to be sitting up here, so you can sit down, relax, look at everything and enjoy the atmosphere.

All these walls that you’re seeing are going to be painted, they’re going to be a brown and green, to give you a little bit more of an outdoor feeling. And as you look right here, this is actually a masonry firepit. So we’re going to have exposed aggregate going around this, and you’re actually going to be able to sit around this thing as a table and also enjoy it as a firepit.

Again, Steve Dhondt from PMS Services here in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Come take a look. OaklandCountyBrickpaver.com, or WereTheGuys.com. Give us a call toll free for a free estimate. 866-786-9500. Thank you.