Here we are again in Oakland County Michigan in Rochester Hills. Right now what you’re looking at is brick paver steps going up to the front door. These particular brick paver steps, not my favorite material, but this is re-used and rebuilt. What we did is we were able to salvage the block in the front, and remove the old masonry steps. Here’s where we’re putting new steps in. You see all the lines are identical, therefore you’re getting exactly tight fit to pass code. And then what we’re gonna do is fill this in so the court yard opens up a little bit more on the ground where I am standing, you want to be able to make sure the customer had access to get into this home. You’re looking at about 16 inches of base here. With 16 inches of base you can actually drive a car on this base. Gives you a little bit more room to park on, things of that nature. If you look back here, this is what that brick paver job looked like. And you’re looking at the old masonry that’s starting to dilapidate, fall apart. That’s an old clay brick. Clay on the ground, especially in Michigan, because it being such a soft course stone. Every time if freezes, you’re starting to see it buckle, crack, and chip. That’s why you’ve got concrete brick pavers, and concrete brick pavers do a lot better on a float system than your typical flat masonry. So, you’ve got essentially 4 rises up, you go 3 steps going up to the front door. So as you step out of the front door, you’re going to step onto your first step, and walk down to the driveway. And that’s what we’re looking at right here. It’s really a new brick paver  installation and brick paver repair at this Rochester Hills home over here in Oakland County, Michigan.

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