Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design from PMS Services, Sterling Heights, Michigan

Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services. If you’re looking for a fireplace for your outdoor living, most guys out there are going to give you that modular yellow-looking style. From Brussels Block, Unilock, you name it, those are modular pits, they’re all the same. If you want something custom for around the same price, get a masonry fireplace with a footing. This way this will insure this project will last. It won’t crack, it won’t fall apart. And it’s custom, it’s unique. Every single job that we do is unique. If you want something and you want to spend $15,000 on something that everybody else has, you can do that. Or you can spend $15,000 and get exactly what you want. With custom cultured stone to obviously our traditional brick, we can do anything with a brand new fireplace. So give us a call, toll free, at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS or go to today. Thank you.

For a Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Call: 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS