Do I need a Permit to Install a Brick Paver Patio in Novi, MI?

Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Brick Paving, here to answer some questions online, some frequently asked questions. I have a question here. This one is out of Novi. Do you need to have permits pulled, if I want a brand new brick paver patio installed? What else should I ask other contractors when I meet them?

Each city is going to be different when pertaining to brick paving. Brick paving is considered a non-permanent structure, but a lot of changes are taking place in the different communities. I would always advise to check with the city in which you reside to see if a permit is required. The other thing that most people don’t look at is a builders license is something that you definitely want to make sure that your contractor has. That is going to be important for anything over $600. That’s going to protect you. Because obviously, if you put that time and effort into getting a builders license, the contractor is going to want to protect that and it’s going to protect you with the builders fund. That’s something you’d have to look up online. Again, that is why I would do brick paving, and that’s a question that I would ask our competitors.

The other one is maybe the workman’s comp certificates. A lot of guys say they have insurance. Liability insurance, that is fine. That covers your trucks. That covers damage to the property. It does not cover the guys working on your site. So if a company came out, did your work and did not have workmen’s comp insurance, you’re going to be on the hook if that employee gets hurt. That’s what they’re going to do, is go after your home owners policy.

Installing a Brick Paver Patio in Novi, MI

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