Did you know that P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscaping is a full service brick paver and landscape company servicing Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and Southeast Michigan? From landscape design to the installation of your landscaping project “Were The Guys”. All of our customers get a detailed landscape design before any landscaping is done at your home. Our landscape design team is professional and we do all our designs via Auto CAD so your landscape design is not just a concept, it’s reality.

Landscaping is what gives your home that “WOW”  factor. Curb appeal is what’s most important when you’re selling your home. Think of landscaping as the first impression of your home. This is the first thing people see when they drive by your house.  With a professional landscape design along with superior landscaping installation practices you will notice cars slowing down in front of your home to see a meticulous landscaping project.

P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape believes that a good landscape design is half the battle. It’s putting the right plants in the right place.  Anyone can put a couple trees in and call themselves landscapers, it’s all on placement. P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscaping has packages starting at under $1000 dollars.  Our landscaping experts will work with you to get you on time and on budget.

The best way to compliment a great landscaping project is  hardscape. From exposed aggregate to stamped colored concrete to brick pavers; these items will compliment the landscape you’ve come to love. Landscaping in the back yard has multiple purposes. Landscaping is a natural way, giving your family privacy from nosey neighbors without offending someone by building a big wall that may make your home look like a fortress. Landscaping is a nice way to spruce up the back yard and soften the look of your home. Even though landscaping is probably the last thing people do at their home it is the first thing people see. And just like ourselves, we only have one chance to make a strong first impression, our home is judged the minute someone drives by. Hiring the right landscape designer and landscaper is as important to your home as your kitchen. Hire the right company,  hire P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscaping, as always our landscape quotes are free and our advice could save you thousands over the long run.