There are many brick paving companies to choose from when you’re looking to have your existing pavers look great. But in Macomb County there are many brick paving contractors that throw their signs on the side of the road hoping for a phone call. If you want great pavers this is probably not the answer for Macomb County residents. Most of these brick paving companies are out for the short-term — not to make your existing pavers look great. From a fresh coat of sealer to fixing unsightly pavers should be the objective to make your pavers look great again. If a company can’t pay the postage to send you a mailer how viable are they? If they don’t do a great job on your pavers will they come back? Or is this a side business for them so that they can try to put themselves through school? Whatever the case, Macomb County residents should not hire a brick paving company based on a sign they see off the side of the road or from a paver company that stuffed a flyer in their mail box. That’s unacceptable and in fact, also makes Macomb County neighborhoods look cluttered.

To achieve having great pavers you must find a great paving company. And to find a great paving company you must do your homework. See how long they have been in business. See if there is a dedicated team there to take your call and answer the questions that you may have for got to ask at the initial appointment. And most important DO THEY HAVE A LICENSE?  Again, DO THEY HAVE A LICENCE?

Great pavers can be achieved easily if the right questions are asked. Do they have an office or do they operate out of their home? PMS Brick Paving and Landscape gets it.  Everyone wants to  save a little money but when it comes to maintenance on your brick paving doing it wrong doesn’t mean doing it over. It means paying triple the price to strip it down and start over. Macomb County, we invite you to call PMS Brick Paving and Landscape if you want to see your pavers to look great once again. And if a problem may occur call us we want to give you great pavers.  Remember, We’re The Guys!