Hi. Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services here to talk about our brand new brick paver indoor showroom in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

As you can see here, we’re in a 12,000 square foot warehouse. What you’re looking at right now is all the brick pavers, different styles and different colors, as you can see. So you can get a feel of actually what’s going to be put down at your house. You come to our brick paver showroom on 5540 Bridgewood Drive in Sterling Heights, Michigan in Macomb County. You can see what kind of brick pavers. You can actually pick it out here and even bring samples home.

What you’re looking at right here is a water feature that we are having built. This in the construction phase and we will be doing a final shoot here to show you everything.

As we walk this way, this you’re going up onto a platform where we will have a bunch of pictures of completed brick paver jobs from PMS Services. This will be all be drywall and things of that nature. And again looking at all the brick and different details.   Here again having another water feature right here. This water feature is going to actually have water and fire dancing on top of it, so we’re going to be working on that here too.

And if we go this way this is our feature product. All this is stone tile right here. This is a wet-cast product from Hanson Heidelberg. This product is exclusive, there’s no other manufacturer where you could get this product from and you can see all the different colors and shades and things of that nature and when it’s sealed it really pops off.

So definitely come visit us at our indoor brick paver showroom in beautiful Sterling Heights, 5540 Ridgewood Drive, again Sterling Heights, Michigan. Visit us at Oaklandcountybrickpaver.com or weretheguys.com, call toll free at 866-786-9500. Thank you.