How Do You Install a Michigan Brick Paver Patio that Lasts?

Hi, Steve Dhondt here for PMS Brick Paving. Here to answer a few questions online that we’ve received throughout the year. One of the questions is, ” If I want to hire you for a new raised brick paver patio and I want it to last a long time, what do we do to make our brick paver patios outlast our competitors? And what makes our company different?”

I can not speak on behalf of my competitors. What we do though to ensure that your raised patio will last for a long period of time, is obviously, your base preparation is going to be the first and primary most important part of what you’re going to do. Shortly thereafter is going to be your retaining wall and your block. The block is very, very important because that’s going to retain and hold the weight of that patio.

A lot of guys what they do is they build the retaining wall and then they fill in the base they compact it and then they lay their pavers. When you go past 2 feet in terms of height you definitely want to tie that wall back. So that way the patio is not 2 separate units, it becomes 1 homogenous unit because behind the actual wall into the brick paving and the weight of the brick paving is pulling the wall in. So that’s one key for installing a brand new brick paver patio and installing it right and making it last. Again,  the perforated sock pipe like we talked about in a 2 foot patio, it’s not necessary to drop the geo grid down but we do that also when you go 2 feet tall. And obviously the right base and the right compaction.

Install a Michigan Brick Paver Patio that Lasts

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