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Everyone loves a beautifully finished project, but with hardscape the base preparation is the most important part in a brick paver installation. There are 2 questions that always should be asked before the project is commenced. The first is where the brick paver projects location is, the second is what and who will be using it. We will now go over the process to answer these 2 questions

  1. The first step is the excavation of sub base and removal. It is important to have a consistent excavation to prevent future failures on your brick paver project.
  2. The second step is compaction of the sub base. This is the ground after excavation but before the brick paver project is back filled.  This will help with any air pockets that may cause future problems.
  3. The next step is to install a geo mesh fabric or fiber on top of the sub base of the brick paver project. This help with erosion control and help with the 21aa to contain it under the paver project.
  4. Now that the geo is installed the step is to add 21 AA crushed stone to fill the area. Now if the area is for vehicular traffic we recommend that the excavation to be done 12 inches or more. For brick paver patios and brick paver walkways should be excavated 8 inches or more. When installing the 21aa crushed stone. Never bring it all at one time. It should be brought in 2 to 4 inches at a time. A mechanical plate compactor and a hand tamper are recommended for compaction. Most compactors can only compact 2 to 4 inches and if you don’t get the right compactions settling and void can and may occur.
  5. Once the 21aa is installed the never ending debate is what product should be used as the leveling base, or bedding course. The 2 main options are slag sand which is steel by product, or 2 ns angular sand. We feel both products work well and are solid.  1 to 2 inches of either of these products is recommended always make sure that the brick paver project is pitched away from the house or to a proper drain system. The bedding coarse should be fluffed for interlocking purposes and brick height variances.
  6. The next step is installing the brick pavers and distinguishing the pattern. Once the brick paver is installed we apply sand and compact the brick pavers into the bedding coarse. The sand also makes the brick  pavers interlocking. The next step is installing the edge restraint. We use a mortared Portland edge restraint. The plastic strips with spikes can also be used but we do not recommend this route.
  7. The last step is the cleanup. The brick paver project is complete and the cleanup of the project is very important. We always try to create minimal damage to the surrounding and get the work site cleaned up as best as possible.


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