Know Your Stuff: 4 Signs of Bad Brick Paver Work in Oakland County

There seems to be a trend going on in the construction industry. Many contractors have moved in the direction of ignoring quality, longevity and client satisfaction in favor of speedy low quality work at down-market bids.

At PMS Brick Pavers, we do not take this lightly. We build with the mindset of generations prior – understanding the importance of quality, attention to detail and creating finished products that are made to last. We do not want our reputation tarnished because of the current zeitgeist of low quality work.

That’s why we’re sharing these signs of low-quality work so you know what to look for and avoid.

  1. Dips & Bulges

Dips and bulges, or height variations, are a common problem noticed in most poorly built brick paver structures. It’s often the result of poor design. In an effort to save time and resources, less savory contractors surpass the ever important step of correctly leveling the base. Inexperienced workers also have a tendency to not make the base thick enough, which makes it susceptible to variations caused by water and soil movement.

Experienced and professional contractors understand the science of soil dynamics, and what depth is needed for the job site presented.

  1. Edge Pavers Appear to Be Falling Off

Another common step we’ve seen skipped in low-quality paver work is the absence of edge restraints. We’re not sure if this is done in an effort to eliminate cost or that some contractors are just not aware that they need to keep constant pressure on borders to keep pavers intact.

Nonetheless, the absence of said restraints leads to borders that are not only unappealing to the eyes but are also unsafe as they present a serious tripping hazard.

  1. Puddles

Puddles may not seem like a big deal, but if the job is done right they should not occur on your brick paver surface. As perfectly flat as your surface may look and feel it’s actually a bit tilted. Correctly built brick paver surfaces run a slight slope to assist in water runoff. Improper sloping could be the cause of the puddles you’re seeing.

Another factor known to cause puddles is loose sections of soil underneath the surface. Over time, these sections will compress, creating an uneven surface. This low stop will almost always create puddles when water is present.

  1. Plant Growth & Insects

Weeds growing between pavers is a huge pet-peeve of many homeowners. A simple fix to this problem is in the form of polymeric sand. A brick paver surface without this shows that the builder either didn’t pay enough attention to new trends and technologies within the industry or they don’t care enough about your outdoor living space to do the job correctly.

Quality Still Reigns Supreme

Here at PMS Brick Pavers, quality is still king. It pains us to see some of the work that is being passed as satisfactory these days. We sincerely enjoy the feeling of correcting the mistakes, bringing smiles to our customers’ faces, and adding value to their homes. Check out our portfolio of previous work or ask around the Metro area about us.

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