Now Offering Fendt Michigan Brick Pavers – PMS Diversified

Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS, Were in the back of our showroom right now. The product that we feature all the way to the back is our Fendt line. It is a Michigan based company, producing and manufacturing it’s brick paving products and retaining walls all out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Farmington Hills, Michigan. It’s the only company that is Michigan based and that’s why we gave them a very large portion of our actual showroom here so we can give back to Michigan and buy Michigan products.

Fendt has been established for almost a 100 years from all the building products that you can possibly imagine. Come visit our brick paver showroom at 5540 Bridgewood Drive in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Come take a look at our Fendt products. From our Holland series to our tumbled stone, to everything in between, they’re the highest end manufacturer for your standard tumbled paver, and your retaining walls. Go to, or call toll free at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS

Now Offering Fendt Michigan Brick Pavers – 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS