Macomb County and Oakland County Brick Paving Company.

Paver Maintenance Specialists recently opened its Troy, Michigan / Oakland County Brick Paving Design studio.  This brick paving design studio is state of the art when it comes to paver designs. In fact, we design many of our competitors Oakland County brick paving projects for them. These designs are not your typical concepts of a brick paving patio that you get from the other guys. These designs for your brick paver project are actual and we take elevations and take offs so your new brick paving project is correct. Paver Maintenance Specialists has a builders license to practice the art of brick paving in Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County, Michigan  In fact, we can legally install brick pavers in the whole state of Michigan.


About Paver Maintenance Specialists:

Paver Maintenance Specialists is located in Oakland County and Macomb County, Michigan.  Our services include brick paver installation, repair, stripping, pressure cleaning, joint re-sanding, and sealing.  For more information about our Brick Paver Maintenance services visit our Paver Maintenance Specialists website ( or call us at 866-786-9500.

We ARE the Oakland County Brick Paving Specialists.