Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Brick Paving and Landscaping in Oakland County Michigan. I am here to talk to our Oakland County residents about thinking about brick pavers. It’s now January, Happy New Year.  I know it’s not probably the time people are going to be thinking about this but it’s time to actually plan out your brick paver project.

I have talked about this many times before.  If your going to be putting a budget together for a brick paving patio, brick paver walkway or a brick paver driveway, it’s time to start planning for it.  That way you can beat the Spring rush, get on our brick paver installation or repair schedule, and you can get your paver project done in a timely manner. Do your research, do your homework, and get the right Oakland County brick paver companies out to estimate your paver project accordingly.

Again, my name is Steve Dhondt from PMS Brick Paving and Landscape in Oakland County, Michigan. You can visit us at www.oaklandcountybrickpaver.com or www.weretheguys.com or you can give us a call toll free 866-786-95.

00 and Happy New Year.