Sealing Brick Pavers in Oakland County – Prevents Weather effects on Brick Pavers

Living in a state that has severe weather can often mean damage to your Oakland County brick paver patio or driveway. It’s important to use the right materials along with the correct techniques to ensure it lasts a long time and stays looking good. One of the most beneficial ways to do this is by applying a sealer on a regular basis.

Here are a few reasons and factors that make sealers beneficial and cost effective:

  • The cost – Though the initial cost of sealing brick pavers in Oakland County may be an added cost that you don’t think you can afford right now, but spending the money now, means saving money later. Just like anything else, using products that prevent your brick pavers in Oakland County from damage, will save you from replacing them later. Severe weather, improper installation, and lack of maintenance cause brick pavers in Oakland County to shift and eventually crack and break. If it happens to one, then there are usually a lot more to follow. Eventually you will need to completely remove what you currently have, so that it can be replaced.
  • Improves appearance – Before sealers are even applied, the brick pavers are cleaned and cleared of any debris. That in itself enhances the color, and once the sealer is applied another coat can be applied creating a glossy clean finish. This will enhance the overall appearance of the brick paver patio or brick paver driveway and prevent future fading.
  • Extends the life of brick pavers in Oakland County – The many seasons in Michigan can cause havoc on brick pavers; the worst culprit being the freezing and thawing. Sealing brick pavers in Oakland County protects against this by creating a shield and preserving the bricks and preventing sand and cement from washing away.
  • Low maintenance –  Since the brick pavers in Oakland County are actually sealed, dirt can be simply swept away. Any stains can be easily wiped off, or power washed for any that are a little more stubborn.

Always make sure you thoroughly investigate any brick paving company you hire to do work for you. Ask lots of questions and trust your gut, if anything doesn’t feel right and the company doesn’t want to answer your questions, then go with another company. Most brick pavers in Oakland County will be happy to not only answer your questions, but have your business.

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