Tips on how to hire a brick paver contractor in Michigan

Hi, Steve Dhondt here for PMS Services. Just here to talk to our potential clients on how to hire a brick paver contractor in Michigan. I think this is extremely important. I’ve heard the stories from here to Florida about hiring contractors, giving them a check, giving them cash and then never coming to the project and having to chase these people down. What we’ve done is try to streamline the process because in this industry and obviously with contractors, automatically when I say, hi, I’m Steve Dhondt. I’m from PMS, and I’m a contractor. But wait, I’m not your typical contractor. We leave this with all of our potential clients. So I want to read this to you. And again, if you obtain a free estimate from us, we do leave this with you, and we encourage you to ask any potential contractor these questions. When hiring a brick paver contractor, it’s very important to visit their physical location to make sure that they are legitimate business that invests in their community.

What is their business license number?

Very important. Most brick paver contractors will say we’re licensed and insured all their paperwork says licensed and insured. What is their license number? We show our license number because we’re not just licensed and insured. We have a Michigan builder’s license, which you do need to have because there’s not a brick paver and landscape license. So you need a maintenance and alteration license or you need a builder’s license.


You should always do a deposit via a credit card because the credit card companies give you that flexibility that if that contractor does not show up and execute his end of the contract, you can dispute the charges because they did not show up and the money comes back on your credit card. Now, if you gave them a check or cash, now it’ll be on you to chase that contractor down to figure out where they are and to try to get your money back.

How long has the brick paver contractor been in business and are they passionate about their business?

Obviously, I do this everyday. I’m very passionate about this business.

Does the brick paving company operate out of an office, a yard, a showroom?

Operating out of their house shows that they do not put money into their company.

How long do you get a warranty?  Get that in writing.

When a salesperson is pushy you the chances are they care more about putting money in their pocket or their commission more than the care about building your project and doing it right.

Cash deals

Simple. Don’t do it. You always want to pay by check or credit card at the end of the project, because you need to have all that paperwork in line, because, obviously, if you have a warranty and you’ve paid this guy or this contractor just cash, what is your recourse? And what paperwork do you have if they won’t honor their warranty if that happens to happen?

Workman’s comp

Workman’s comp is a big thing for us, and many Michigan brick paver companies state they have workman’s comp. It’s very easy to ask a company like ours or pretty much any company for a workman’s comp certificate.
When people say we have insurance, just like I said, everybody advertises that we’re licensed and insured. Liability insurance is cheap, and, I mean, in the realm of all of this. Now, workman’s comp is something that’s important because it’s going to protect you as a homeowner. When we step foot, or any contractor steps foot on your property, if they get hurt, and a company like mine does not carry workman’s comp, that’s going to fall on you and legally and everything else.

Very, very expensive and you have to pay that and it depends on the field. But, it can be up from 7% to 50% of somebody’s wages to make sure that if they do get hurt, they are covered.
The other just simple thing you can do is go with your gut. If it sounds too good to be true or if the salesperson is promising way too many things it’s probably not going be true. So again, go with your gut. Go with who you feel the most comfortable with. Do your homework. Once you do obviously I think you’re going to come to us. So give us a call toll free, always, 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS or go to today.

To hire a brick paver contractor in Michigan, call: 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS