Tips to maintaining brick Pavers  in Michigan

There are multiple ways to use brick pavers in Michigan that can literally transform your yard into a place that you want to spend every minute of your day and night.  Brick pavers in Michigan come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and are made out of materials such as natural stone, brick and concrete. Since they require little maintenance, brick pavers are relatively affordable and can last for years to come if properly maintained.

One of the biggest reasons brick pavers in Michigan are so popular is that they are able to make a house with dull landscaping look fresh and vibrant. You can use brick pavers in Michigan in multiple areas of landscaping such as a patio, walkway, or a driveway, and transform your yard into an oasis that will have your neighbors green with envy.

Maintenance Procedures for brick Pavers  in Michigan

The best way to go about maintaining brick pavers in Michigan is to work in conjunction with your landscape design company that originally installed them or a licensed brick paver maintenance company like PMS Brick Paving and Landscape. Once installed and your brick pavers are sealed properly they should last for years to come and possibly a lifetime.  If you don’t have your brick pavers sealed, they won’t last very long, so make sure you insist on having your brick pavers in Michigan sealed.  Simply following a few easy steps for maintaining your brick pavers in Michigan will ensure that you get the most for your money. performing these few task can keep your brick pavers in Michigan looking as brand new as the day you had them put in.

Over time you are going to begin finding that your brick pavers are looking a little bit dull and not as shiny and new as they once were. This is something to expect and can be easily resolved by applying a sealant over brick pavers in Michigan and is the same thing used when they were first put in. That kind of procedure can be done by yourself, but we do recommend that for best results you should use a brick paver sealing company  in Michigan like PMS Brick Paving and Landscape.  If you do it yourself then don’t forget to clean them before doing anything, the last thing you want to do is seal all of the dirt and stains onto the brick pavers in Michigan.

The best thing to use for cleaning brick pavers is a pressure washer. The force at which the water hits the brick, is that of hurricane force winds, so you can imagine how clean it gets the area. This allows you to clean the brick pavers effortlessly and reach areas that your aren’t able to get to unless you use a toothbrush and spend hours scrubbing. Pressure washers can be rented from various equipment rental companies which are easily found online or in a phonebook. Simply doing these few steps will make your brick pavers  looking just like they did when you first had them installed.

If you can’t afford to rent a pressure washer or your brick pavers are not heavily soiled, then you can simply use  soap and water with a scrub sponge over the spot and then allow it to saturate for a few minutes. Most stains that you will find on your brick pavers are usually due to debris, grime and dirt. After doing a quick sweep over the area after drying, make sure all of the dust and grime is cleaned.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any damaged brick pavers and do a quick inspection weekly to prevent any accidents that  could injure or endanger others who use this area. Chips, and shifting are  common problems with brick pavers in Michigan, but with the proper maintenance and knowledge, you can have beautiful brick pavers in Michigan for years and years to come.

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