Bluestone Masonry Patio in Grosse Pointe, Michigan – Wayne County

Hi Steve Dhondt here with PMS Services. Obviously you know we do landscape and you know we do brick paving. Masonry is a very large portion of what our company does. What you’re looking at right here is a project that we did in masonry New York bluestone select in Gross Pointe. You’ll see the roll lock going around the entire project. What we did here was this was an excavation and a renovation in Gross Pointe. We dug out their old patio as they’re putting addition on. Then what we did is we poured our concrete four inches with re rod through and tied that into the house. Next step from there, we did our mortar and we set our bluestone, because with it being irregular and different height variances, you have to tap each one of those down and make sure it’s nice and level. From that point, then we do our grouting. And you have a brand new bluestone patio. It’s obviously very expensive, but it’s the most elegant patio that you can possibly imagine. If you’re looking for anything elegant, unique , bluestone or anything call us toll free at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS. Or go to today. Thank you.

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