Brick Paving Projects

Bluestone Masonry Patio in Grosse Pointe, Michigan – Wayne County

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Bluestone Masonry Patio in Grosse Pointe, Michigan - Wayne County Hi Steve Dhondt here with PMS Services. Obviously you know we do landscape and you know we do brick paving. Masonry is a very large portion of what our company does. What you're looking at right here is a project that we did in masonry

Brick Paver Indoor Showroom Serving the Residents of Oakland County, Michigan

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Hi, Chelsea here from PMS Services. Your one stop brick paver and stone shop. We just opened a brand new brick paver showroom, centrally located in between 17 and 18 Mile Road off of Mound. 5540 Sterling Heights is the address. PMS is the first Michigan brick paving company to offer an indoor brick showroom

Starting Brick Paver Projects Early in Oakland County, Michigan

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Hi, Chelsea here with PMS Services located in Oakland County.  We specialize in brick paver projects in Oakland County, Macomb County and all of southeast Michigan - and are able to do anything from brick paver walkways, brick paver patios, brick paver driveways, and much more.  Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “It’s only February,

Oakland County Brick Paver Installation and Hardscape Installation in Michigan

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Hi, Steve Dhondt from PMS services, here to talk to our Oakland County residence about brick paver installation, hardscape installation. We are the specialist when it comes to Oakland County hardscapes and landscapes. If you are looking at anything from a brick paver patio to be installed or brick paver driveway give us call toll

Hire a Macomb County Brick Paver Company

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Enhancing the outside of a home is every persons desire therefore brick pavers are suggested to improve the pavement and provide it a breathtaking fresh makeover that will impress all that come in to visit or drive by your home in Macomb County, Michigan. This post focuses on the reason why a person should hire

Great Oaks Landscape Pool Deck Remodel in Northville, Michigan

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On June 18th PMS Brick Paving and Landscape finished an extensive pool deck remodel for Great Oaks Landscape. This project was located in Northville Michigan and is a very important client to Great Oaks Landscape.  PMS Brick Paving and Landscape Cary Altman and Great Oaks Landscape Patty Martin worked on this project preliminaries for a

Marine City Brick Paving Steps, Walkway and Retaining Wall Project

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PMS Brick Paving and Landscaping was contracted to do a renovation of an older home in Marine City, Michigan. The home needed some new curb appeal. Edward Vanesste went to see what kind of concepts he could come up with to assist. Ed had estimated removing the old concrete step and walk, and installing a

Bloomfield Hills Brick Paving Contractor – Great Job says Customer

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I recently moved to Bloomfield Hills from the Grosse Pointe area, we wanted to be closer to our grand children, you guys had done some brick paving work for our son in Novi. We were going to have our brick paving job done by another Bloomfield Hills Brick Paving Contractor. Our son from Novi advised

Brick Paving Birmingham, Michigan – Over 70 Brick Paving Patios in 2010.

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Looking for Brick Paving in Birmingham, MI?  P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape has installed a brick paving project in Birmingham. In fact, we have installed over 70 brick paving patios in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills in 2010. In Oakland County, Birmingham, MI is one the areas we provide the most brick paving work to. Recently,