This Troy paver project started as a repair of the existing brick paver patio. Cary our design consultant, went to the home and had some new brick paver ideas for the client to consider.

As changes started to take place, it wasn’t long before this project turned into a brand new brick paving patio. The job was very tight getting into the back yard so PMS Brick Paving and Landscape had to do most of the job by hand. The Troy family had selected Carmel Ferris tile stone along with a cashmere beige soldier coarse to tie into the Rb 4 sand stone retaining wall. This brick paving project flowed perfectly and the Troy client could not have been happier. They were very patient with us getting to their paver project with all the inclement weather we have had this Spring.  As soon as the PMS Brick Paving installation crew arrived on the job Cary was there to make sure the Foreman and  the Troy client all knew exactly how this brick paving project would look before it was installed.The tile stone brick paving was beautiful by itself but when the cashmere brick pavers were installed it really made this brick paving project pop. One step led out from the house to the brick paving project. And since the project was done without a machine the damage to the yard was minimal.

Brick paving is not just about installing a surface on the ground. For this Troy family, it had to have the artistry and aesthetics along with being a functional brick paver patio and that is exactly what Cary designed and our crew built. We left the brick pavers 18 inches from the wall so that the client could have a nice looking hedge row of box wood to create privacy and soften the look of brick paving all by itself.

PMS Brick Paving operates a Design Studio out of Troy, Michigan (Oakland County) and we love to design and install brick paving projects throughout Troy and the rest of Southeast, Michigan. We can be reached toll free at 866-786-9500 or contacted via the web at

Thank you Troy for helping PMS Brick Paving and Landscape the number one brick paving company in your backyard.