Looking for Troy Brick Paver Maintenance? We’re the Guys!

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Winter is Coming – Are Your Brick Pavers Ready? August already? Where did the summer go? As we begin to enter the cooler months of fall, it is important to take a look around your house and see what needs to be done before us Michiganders start to slow down for the winter. For many

Troy Brick Paver Contractor Discusses Brick Repair

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What You Need to Know About Brick Repair Brick repairs can be undertaken to fix the cosmetic appearance of a surface or for more practical reasons such as to insure the stability of a weight bearing surface. However, given their incredible strength and durability, repairing brick is not required all that often. This is especially

Brick Paver Patio Troy, Michigan

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If you live in Troy, Michigan and are considering a brick paver patio to enhance your outdoor living space, considering giving PMS Services a call today!  We’re the Guys — we specialize in the design and installation of brick paver patios for residents in Troy and throughout Oakland County, Michigan.  We have over 18 years