Steve Dhondt from PMS Brick Paving and Landscape, here in Macomb County, Michigan in Macomb Township. What we had done here, brick paver driveway ribbons, pretty typical of Macomb County and Macomb Township. It’s settled, separating, starting to move. What we had done here is we picked all this up, dug it all out 16 inches, put our geofabric underneath.  Compacted this every two to three inches so you can drive on this actually with a car and not have it fail. We incorporated this English Cobble Stripe to make this older brick look new just to basically dress it up a little bit, as opposed to just fixing it, adding something to it. This thing came up roughly about three inches. That’s how much it had failed and pushed out. So when we tightened this thing out excavated it, so packed it every two to three inches. And now we’re up to, what we’re seeing right now is an even driveway ribbon that you can drive on. Obviously, the concrete’s not 100% even, but we were able to get the thing up, have it look presentable again.

So when it comes to brick paver repair in Macomb Township, remember PMS Brick Paving.

When it comes to brick paver repair in Macomb County remember PMS Brick Paving, we are the brick paver repair specialists.

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