Brick Paver Repair

Oakland and Macomb County Brick Paver Repair

Troy Brick Paver Contractor Discusses Brick Repair

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What You Need to Know About Brick Repair Brick repairs can be undertaken to fix the cosmetic appearance of a surface or for more practical reasons such as to insure the stability of a weight bearing surface. However, given their incredible strength and durability, repairing brick is not required all that often. This is especially

Oakland Township, Michigan Brick Paver Repair to Restore Steps

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Oakland Township, Michigan Brick Paver Repair to restore the steps and make them safe Hey, Steve Dhondt here for PMS Services here to talk about our repair for our brick paving clients. Now, stairs, steps, and staircases are the most important thing to a brick paving project. Have they become unsightly and most importantly have

Brick Paver Repairs in Oakland County, Michigan

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Hi. Chelsea here with PMS Services located in Oakland County, Michigan.  Today I just wanted to talk to you today about brick paver repairs and maintenance.  If you are currently an owner of an older brick paver walkway or brick paver patio or brick paver driveway, you may have noticed a shift in some of

Brick Paver Repair Macomb County – Macomb Township Driveway Ribbon Repair

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Steve Dhondt from PMS Brick Paving and Landscape, here in Macomb County, Michigan in Macomb Township. What we had done here, brick paver driveway ribbons, pretty typical of Macomb County and Macomb Township. It's settled, separating, starting to move. What we had done here is we picked all this up, dug it all out 16