Use Brick Pavers for Your Ferndale Hardscape Design Project

Brick pavers are one of landscaping’s most tried and true materials when it comes to decorative surfaces. Brick pavers have long been a popular item in landscaping for good reason, too. Brick pavers are extremely versatile as there are countless colors and sizes to choose from, available at just about any home improvement store. For as much style and function as they provide, they are also extremely durable. While they do require maintenance to ensure they will last for years to come, they are relatively low maintenance as long as you keep up on it.  Because of their popularity, sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ways to use brick pavers that aren’t already in every back yard. Here are just a few creative ways you can use brick pavers in your Ferndale hardscape design project.

1. Paver Stone Artwork

As you already know, brick pavers come in many different shapes and sizes. Since there are so many options available, you can make some really unique designs if you put some thought into it. A Ferndale brick paver professional may be able to help with the details, but get some ideas flowing beforehand! You can really set your home apart with a brick paver mosaic driveway or patio.

2. Steps and Tiered Walls

You can use brick pavers to build up, too. An outdoor staircase made of brick pavers can add a ton of character to your landscape as opposed to just using concrete or wood. When it comes to your flowerbeds, you can also create different levels to create your own staircase of flowers. You can do this by building large “steps” out of brick pavers with soil and flowers in between. The end result will be phenomenal!

3. Ponds and Waterfalls

Brick pavers can be used to create a perfect setting around your backyard pond and waterfall. By using brick pavers here, you can make your own tranquil space even more customized by choosing your favorite brick colors and sizes.  You can even stack the brick pavers on top of each other to create walls around your water feature.

4. A Custom Sandbox

If your little ones want a sandbox in the backyard but you really want to make it fit in with your landscape, you can make one out of brick pavers. You can stack the pavers on top of each other to create any size sandbox you want. The great thing about building your own sandbox is that you can also determine how high the walls will go to make sure none of the sand spills out into the rest of the yard!

Hire the Brick Paver Professionals for Your Ferndale Hardscape Design Project

These are just a few of the ways you can use brick pavers for your Ferndale hardscape design project that you may not see in every other yard around the neighborhood. To learn more about brick pavers and to get in touch with the best brick pavers in Metro Detroit, call PMS Diversified Construction.

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