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Creative Ways to Use Brick Pavers for Your Ferndale Hardscape Design Project

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Brick pavers are one of landscaping’s most tried and true materials when it comes to decorative surfaces. Brick pavers have long been a popular item in landscaping for good reason, too. Brick pavers are extremely versatile as there are countless colors and sizes to choose from, available at just about any home improvement store. For

West Bloomfield Paver Contractor Gives Fall Ideas

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Update Your Home This Fall with Brick Pavers The fall can be a perfect time to begin that home improvement project you’ve been waiting for. While we here in Michigan will have nice weather for another month or so without it being too cold, time is of the essence as it can be over in

Berkley Brick Paver Explains How Pavers Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

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Buying your own home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of adulthood. After all, a home is your own domain where you call the shots. You have worked hard to provide a home for yourself and your family, so you should be able to reap the rewards that come along with making a

Oakland County Brick Paver Gives 3 Benefits of Using Edgings

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Brick pavers are made from very versatile material, and their use need not be limited to the most traditional ones. At Paver Maintenance Specialists, we encourage our clients to use them to create decorative edgings along driveways, walkways, patios and even flower beds. Brick paver edgings can add visual appeal and practical value to your

Birmingham, Michigan Landscape and Hardscape Design Services

Birmingham, Michigan Landscape and Hardscape Design Services Hi. Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services, here to speak about our design services. As I mentioned previously, a lot of companies out there, landscape, brick paving companies, hire us to do the design, and half the time, they hire us to do the installation and much more.