I recently moved to Bloomfield Hills from the Grosse Pointe area, we wanted to be closer to our grand children, you guys had done some brick paving work for our son in Novi. We were going to have our brick paving job done by another Bloomfield Hills Brick Paving Contractor. Our son from Novi advised me to call PMS  Brick Paving and Landscape before we signed any new contracts. Turns out they also did my best friends entire brick paving project right down the street a few years back. I knew of PMS Brick Paving and Landscape seeing their truck all over Groose Pointe, and didn’t realize they worked in Bloomfield Hills.  Like Grosse Pointe, I was worried my brick paver project would cost more living in Bloomfield Hills.  Cary assured me it would be less since we operate in Bloomfield Hills everyday. My brick paving project was several thousand dollars less. Cary joked with Arty at the end and said when it comes to Brick Paving in Bloomfield Hills, “We’re The Guys”.

Thank you PMS  Brick Paving and Landscape, great job, this helped pay for my granite counter tops.

G Radloff
Brick Paving Bloomfield Hills, MI