Hire a Michigan Professional Brick Paver, or Hire a Friend? PMS Diversified

Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS. I’m answering a few questions that we receive online throughout the year. This one is going to be definitely the most frequent question and I kind of laugh when I hear this question. So I will answer this question the best I can. “I have a friend who does brick paving?”

I would definitely not hire a friend. I would keep that friend as a friend. With what we do, and when I hire somebody I’m not trying to hire my friends. I like to hire firms and when I hire my CPA, I hire a firm. I want a company that can stand behind what they offer and that both parties are getting exactly what they want. I definitely would not recommend hiring a friend. Hire a firm. Hire somebody who’s going to take care of your business and make sure that everything is right and built right. And if you have an issue or problem, you can call, and you know what you get with us. Call us toll free at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS. Or go to WereTheGuys.com today.

Hire a Michigan Professional Brick Paver: 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS