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Looking to Update Your Outdoor Space? Contact a Pontiac Brick Paver

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Every now and again everyone’s property could use a little bit of updating. That could mean anything from simply repainting your front door, or as extreme as doing a complete landscaping make over. When many people consider updating the look of their home, they fall somewhere in the middle. A great way to update your

Commerce Twp Brick Paver Contractor Provides 4 Ideas for Your Home

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4 Ways Brick Pavers Can Be Used to Update Your Home Keeping your Commerce Twp home up to date can be quite challenging when it comes to thinking of new ideas. It may seem like there isn’t much you can still do to differentiate your landscape from your neighbors. While it has gotten harder to

Meet Elizabeth from Michigan Brick Paving Company

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Meet Elizabeth from Michigan Brick Paving Company Hey, it's Elizabeth McKenna from PMS Diversified, From your first phone call to set up an appointment with one of our sales men, to your first walk through our beautiful showroom to help pick out your brick, to your last phone call to let us know that

Hire a Michigan Professional Brick Paver, or Hire a Friend? PMS Diversified

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Hire a Michigan Professional Brick Paver, or Hire a Friend? PMS Diversified Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS. I’m answering a few questions that we receive online throughout the year. This one is going to be definitely the most frequent question and I kind of laugh when I hear this question. So I will answer

PMS Opens Sterling Heights Brick Paver Showroom

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PMS Opens Sterling Heights Brick Paver Showroom Hello. Steve Dhondt here for PMS Brick Paving,, here to speak to you about our brand new indoor showroom. I know you're thinking I'm standing in front of a home, a private residence. This is our indoor showroom. We actually built a home inside of a warehouse.

Sterling Heights Brick Paver Showroom in Macomb County, Michigan

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Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services.  Again, in our indoor brick paver showroom in Sterling Heights, Michigan at  5540 Ridgewood Drive. Right now, what you're looking at is the construction of a water wall. What you're seeing right now is obviously, the platforms are up, so they're able to do this in masonry. That's

Retaining Wall Repair in Lake Orion, Michigan

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P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape was contracted to fix a retaining wall in Lake Orion, Michigan (Oakland County). We had done multiple brick paving projects at the residence in the past. In 2003, we installed brick paving steps down to the water to a beautiful brick paver deck and sea wall. The client was selling

Macomb County Brick Paving and Paver Repair Company

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PMS Brick paving and Landscape has been a full service Macomb County brick paving company for going on 14 years Southeast Michigain. Our Macomb County residence are definitely  PMS Brick Paving and Landscape's most loyal customers. From having their existing brick paving patio and paver walkways stripped down; to pressure cleaning, sanding and sealing; to