Oakland Township, Michigan Brick Paver Repair to restore the steps and make them safe

Hey, Steve Dhondt here for PMS Services here to talk about our repair for our brick paving clients. Now, stairs, steps, and staircases are the most important thing to a brick paving project. Have they become unsightly and most importantly have they become unsafe? Because obviously that’s where people fall. Steps are very, very difficult, especially when our clients get a little bit older or have very, very young kids that are out there. Have PMS Services restore your brick paver steps. You don’t have to replace them, you can fix them. As you can see on the pictures we’re showing this is a brick paver project that we have done in Oakland Township. And obviously this staircase has completely fallen apart. What we did is we took apart this whole project using the exact same material on the left. And then what you can see on the right here, we took that exact same material restructured all the base and made these steps not only safe but we made them beautiful once again. So if you want to obviously enhance your project and make it safe call PMS Services today toll free at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS or go to weretheguys.com. Thank you.

For Oakland Township, Michigan Brick Paver Repair: Call: 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS