PMS Opens Sterling Heights Brick Paver Showroom

Hello. Steve Dhondt here for PMS Brick Paving,, here to speak to you about our brand new indoor showroom. I know you’re thinking I’m standing in front of a home, a private residence. This is our indoor showroom. We actually built a home inside of a warehouse. Featuring every product from Techo-Block, Best Way, Unilock, Fendt, Oaks, and everything in between. From our brick pavers to our bars, to our water walls, to our hibachi tables.

Everything you could think of is all here under one roof inside, climate controlled. Ten thousand square feet. If you have an idea or you’re thinking of doing anything in your home this year please come visit our showroom located in Sterling Heights or give us a call at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS and one of our representatives can walk you through the showroom and show you all the products that we feature. Thank you.

Visit the Sterling Heights Brick Paver Showroom – 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS