P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape was contracted to fix a retaining wall in Lake Orion, Michigan (Oakland County). We had done multiple brick paving projects at the residence in the past. In 2003, we installed brick paving steps down to the water to a beautiful brick paver deck and sea wall. The client was selling his Lake Orion home do to out growing the home. The brick paving project was one of the main features that the prospective clients liked about this Lake front home in Lake Orion. The only problem with selling the home was that a retaining wall that was installed in the early 70’s was falling into the home home and needed to be redone before a closing could take place. PMS Brick Paving and Landscape deconstructed the old failing retaining wall and built a brand new retaining wall with only 4 feet in between the wall and the home.

“The retaining wall for our Lake Orion home was very well thought out and built flawlessly” said Ms. Ratole owner of the home.

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PMS Brick Paving and Landscaping finished the project on time and under budget building and securing the Lake Orion home. One week later the Ratoles informed PMS Brick Paving  and Landscaping know that they had decided that they were not going to sell their home and bought the lot next door. They are now putting an addition on to their lake front home in Lake Orion and plan to have a new brick paving driveway installed along with an addition to their brick paving patio and some additional retaining walls.

These are the jobs that make PMS  Brick Paving and Landscape proud to have such a dedicated staff of brick paving experts.