Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Services.  Again, in our indoor brick paver showroom in Sterling Heights, Michigan at  5540 Ridgewood Drive.

Right now, what you’re looking at is the construction of a water wall. What you’re seeing right now is obviously, the platforms are up, so they’re able to do this in masonry. That’s a NaturalCastâ„¢ Travenoâ„¢, again, an exclusive product from Hanson Heidelberg stone tile. Actually, it looks like a, travertine marble kind of deal. And they’re going to put all this together. And then on the side, what we did is we built these pillars up, and we did natural slate tile going across.

Next we’re going to build a nice wall across here and you’re going to see a water shower coming down. We have a nice little area right here where the water  is going to keep recycling. And we’re going to have our sign pop out with a LED. It’s going to say PMS Services. This right here is probably the only water wall you’re going to see in a warehouse. It’s pretty exclusive and it’s indoors.

Come on down and take a look at 5540 Sterling Heights, PMS Services. Visit us at OaklandCountyBrickPaver.com or weretheguys.com.