Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Brick Paving and Landscape serving Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County, Michigan.

I’m here to talk to you today about why PMS Brick Paving and Landscaping is so cost effective when it comes to brick paving services.  Why are we able to do brick paving projects at a much better rate than most of our brick paving and landscape design competitors?   A few reasons;  number one, we don’t have the turnover that a lot of brick paving companies in Michigan have.  The same guys that have been working for me year in and year out come back, they don’t leave.   We have a great environment, and a great positive environment.

Another reason our Brick Paving services are so low is the way I purchase my brick paver products.   I purchase my brick paving products, most of the time, in the winter and we buy truck loads;  truck loads of brick paver sealer, truck loads of brick paver stripper, truck loads of brick pavers.  I take advantage of every incentive that I possibly can.   When it’s coming to buying  brick pavers out of Jackson, Michigan (we want to keep our business local)  we’re going to buy brick pavers in the winter time.  The reason we do that is most of the facilities are shut down so we can buy these things for forty to fifty cents on the dollar.  Now, obviously, we can make more profit doing that, but our goal at PMS Brick Paving and Landscape is market share.  So we want to pass that discount on to you, the homeowner.  And that’s the reason why you’re going to see us roughly, 20, 30 40% less than the other brick paving and landscape design companies.  The other guys, they can’t understand why we are as cost effective as we are.   And that’s the reason why.  We’re buying our products right.  My guys are very cost effective, they do a great job and they’re efficient.   They’re going to work constantly when they’re at your home.  They want to get your brick paver project done.  We know that we’re going to be interfering in your life, so we want to be able to make this a smooth transition as the construction project goes through.  That’s the reason why we can be much cheaper.  We have low overhead compared to a lot of the other brick paving and landscape design companies that are layered.  My people are accountable.  My foreman, my supervisors, they’re accountable for the brick paver projects that they run.  So you’re not having that layered system where a supervisor’s watching a supervisor who’s watching the manager.  It’s basically just being accountable and making your guys accountable and making sure that your guys are making sure that your customer’s are happy in the brick paver business.

Definitely give us a call.  Find out; 30%(thirty percent)  right now is what we’re offering.  Visit us at weretheguys.com.  That’s weretheguys.com.  Or give us a call toll free at 866-786-9500.