Oakland County and Macomb County Brick Paver Installation Company.

Brick Pavers are unique to other paving options in that they can be taken up and re-laid without noticeable patches or repairs at a minimal cost.  The areas of your brick paver system that has settled due to many reasons can be restored to their original surface. Depending on the cause and severity of the brick paver repair, we can use several different methods to do this.  The first is to take up the brick pavers and add base sand to level them.  In more severe situations, we take up the brick pavers, including the sand, and add compacted 21AA crushed stone. In the most severe situations, we remove the gravel, excavate deeper and install more compacted 21AA.

In the past the adhesives used to secure brick pavers, stairs or wall caps for retaining walls were substandard.  Today’s adhesives have a longer life expectancy and can be used under a greater variety of conditions.  If you have loose steps or wall caps we can reinstall them to last longer using these adhesives.

The black plastic and metal edging around your brick pavers has a tendency to work its way up through the grass above and around the soldier  course presenting an unsightly appearance.  This is usually due to the usage and settling of your brick paver system and with time, shoves the spikes out of the ground a little each year.  As an option, we can take this out and install mortar around the soldier course with minimum damage to the lawn or the surrounding areas.


About Paver Maintenance Specialists:

Paver Maintenance Specialists are located in Oakland County and Macomb County, Michigan.  Our services include brick paver installation, repair, stripping, pressure cleaning, joint re-sanding, and sealing.  For more information about our Brick Paver Maintenance services visit our Paver Maintenance Specialists website (www.weretheguys.com) or call us at 866-786-9500.