PMS Offers Financing for Your Oakland County Brick Paver Project

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PMS Offers Financing for Your Oakland County Brick Paver Project Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS Diversified. WereTheGuys.com. I’m here to talk about how easy it is to obtain a brand new patio, driveway, walkway from masonry, brick paving and anything in between. As always, we've always had a convenient way to pay, from cash

Brick Paver Maintenance Cleaning and Stripping

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Brick Paving Maintenance in Macomb County and Oakland County, Michigan Visit: www.weretheguys.com Maintenance, cleaning and sealing will extend the life and appearance of your brick pavers.  Newly installed brick pavers release calcium oxide as they cure producing a white powdery substance, known as efflorescence.  On the sealed brick pavers accumulate dirt and stains with regular

Macomb County Brick Paving and Paver Repair Company

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PMS Brick paving and Landscape has been a full service Macomb County brick paving company for going on 14 years Southeast Michigain. Our Macomb County residence are definitely  PMS Brick Paving and Landscape's most loyal customers. From having their existing brick paving patio and paver walkways stripped down; to pressure cleaning, sanding and sealing; to

Paver Maintenance Specialists

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Brick Paving Company in Macomb County and Oakland County, Michigan Paver Maintenance Specialists; your full service brick paving company.  Experts at installing, repairing and sealing brick pavers.  Committed to your satisfaction.  Providing superior products at competitive prices.  We’re The Guys Paver Maintenance Specialists is located in Macomb County and Oakland County, Michigan

Brick Paver Installation and Maintenance

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Oakland County and Macomb County Brick Paver Installation Company. Brick Pavers are unique to other paving options in that they can be taken up and re-laid without noticeable patches or repairs at a minimal cost.  The areas of your brick paver system that has settled due to many reasons can be restored to their original