Looking for Brick Paving in Birmingham, MI?  P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape has installed a brick paving project in Birmingham. In fact, we have installed over 70 brick paving patios in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills in 2010. In Oakland County, Birmingham, MI is one the areas we provide the most brick paving work to.

Recently, P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape did a very unique and complicated brick paving patio out of shale black tile stones. The brick paver patio consisted of tile stones for the body and European cobble brick paving for the soldier coarse. The Birmingham Client was a little “Leary” of how this combination was going to come together.  However, as we worked though this particular brick paving project she began to have much more confidence as the brick paving project progressed. Cary, our lead landscape designer had a vision of how the brick paving project should look and the homeowner wanted a “one-of-a-kind” brick paving patio. The finished project took approx 3 days and went extremely well. The brick paving patio and landscape actually won several awards. Not only for one of the most unique brick paving patios but also for the overall landscape in general. P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscape has crews in Birmingham, MI almost every day along with Bloomfield Hills and throughout Oakland County.

Another brick paving project in Birmingham, MI was a rehab and redesign. This brick paving project was approx 15 years old and needed a face lift. It was nice to save this Birmingham client several thousand dollars by reusing a lot of her existing material without having the brick paving project look like it was patched together.  In fact, we believe that the brick paving project had more character than a new one would have.  P.M.S. Brick Paving and Landscapes primary focus is in Birmingham, Bloomfield, and Bloomfield Hills. So if you’re live in Birmingham and are looking for a new brick paving project or landscape visit us at www.weretheguys.com.