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Update Your Home This Fall with Brick Pavers

The fall can be a perfect time to begin that home improvement project you’ve been waiting for. While we here in Michigan will have nice weather for another month or so without it being too cold, time is of the essence as it can be over in the blink of an eye. When you’re walking around the house this fall thinking about how you could improve your curb appeal or just give your landscape a refresher, keep brick pavers at the forefront of your mind. Brick pavers can be a versatile way to add character to your landscape while also remaining extremely practical. While there really are endless options when it comes to how you can use brick pavers around your own home, here are some ideas of how brick pavers can be used and set your house apart from the neighbors.

1. Reclaim Your Patio

If you are thinking of redoing your brick paver patio this fall, consider using reclaimed bricks. This can give your patio a very unique and rustic look while also helping to recycle some of the world’s forgotten bricks. While it can be a little bit more difficult to install these types of bricks due to their natural character, an experienced brick paver installation specialist will have no problem making a beautiful new patio out of older brick pavers.

2. Refresh Your Walkways

Do you have any “beaten paths” around the house that you just got sick of telling the kids to stay out of? If so, it may be time to commit to making those more permanent walk ways. After all, if people have been walking through the garden because it’s the easiest route, maybe it really is the best way to get around the house! Installing a brick paver walkway can help to liven up your garden and overall landscape because you can be very choosy with your colors, brick types, and brick patterns to make a look that’s truly your own. As these bricks will be going into more sensitive areas of your yard (your precious garden!) it’s important to have these types of walkways done by professionals. That way you can be sure the rest of your garden remains intact.

3. Brighten Up the Fire Pit

Brick pavers are a great way to make your fire pit area more welcoming. As the fall is the perfect time for an evening bonfire here in Michigan, this can be a great way to get the family all together outside this season. Brick pavers make especially good fire pit areas as they are completely safe around fires. You could have just a small place for your fire pit to sit on, or you could make a whole new patio with a build in pit – the choice is yours!

Hire the Best West Bloomfield Paver Contractor

These are just a few ways you can use brick pavers to update your landscape this fall. Looking for a West Bloomfield Paver Contractor? We’re the guys! For more ideas and to get in touch with the our brick paver professionals, contact PMS Diversified Construction.

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