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West Bloomfield Paver Contractor Gives Fall Ideas

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Update Your Home This Fall with Brick Pavers The fall can be a perfect time to begin that home improvement project you’ve been waiting for. While we here in Michigan will have nice weather for another month or so without it being too cold, time is of the essence as it can be over in

Huntington Woods Brick Paver Contractor Gives Home Improvement Ideas

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How Brick Pavers Can Improve Your Landscape As you are driving through your Huntington Woods neighborhood this summer, take some time to look around at the landscapes of the familiar homes you have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of times. If your neighborhood is like most, you can find many landscapes are a bit lacking

Royal Oak Brick Paver Contractor Discusses Driveways

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Concrete is the common choice for driveway construction. After all, it seems like the cheapest and most practical option. However, there are plenty of advantages that come with having a brick paved driveway. It's not just better for your wallet, it looks great too. Concrete doesn’t allow room for creativity and can be financially stressful

Troy Brick Paver Contractor Discusses Brick Repair

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What You Need to Know About Brick Repair Brick repairs can be undertaken to fix the cosmetic appearance of a surface or for more practical reasons such as to insure the stability of a weight bearing surface. However, given their incredible strength and durability, repairing brick is not required all that often. This is especially