What You Need to Know About Brick Repair


Brick repairs can be undertaken to fix the cosmetic appearance of a surface or for more practical reasons such as to insure the stability of a weight bearing surface. However, given their incredible strength and durability, repairing brick is not required all that often. This is especially true if they are installed properly, but sometimes a bit of a patch or touch up can be needed.

If you’re a novice when it comes to brickwork, we’ve provided an overview below to educate you about brick repair. This is helpful information for all homeowners whether you plan to DIY or hire a brick paver contractor.

Different types of brick paver issues

There are different types of brick repairs a home might require and how these occur depends on a variety of factors such as age, climate, brick type and installation quality. Signs of repairs needed on your brick surface can include: hairline cracks, broken bricks, cracked mortar, and separation of the brick.

What to Look for on Your Brick Surface

When taking stock of your brick surface(s) watch out for discoloration, and damaged bricks that have cracks, or are warping. The damage may also result from fixtures being installed or really any intrusion into the integrity of the brick. This can happen through drilling or any other penetration. Crumbling bricks are quite obviously in need of replacement and you’ll often see these in older surfaces.

How to Repair Your Brick Pavers

In some simple cases, brick repair can be carried out by anyone who makes a trip to Home Depot, has a couple tools, and some spare time to burn. However, in many cases those lacking in professional masonry skills can quickly get in over their heads. Again, this is especially true of weight bearing surfaces whose structural integrity matters.

Professional brick repair is carried about by assessing and diagnosing the area in need of attention. Removing all compromised bricks and grout comes next. This is done by placing a grinder on the surface which slices up the brick. The remainder is then hacked or chiseled out. Once everything is out, fresh brick is measured to fit into the empty space(s). Mortar is mixed, generally using sieved sand and cement. It is spread with care in the damaged area before the bricks are laid and surrounded with grout or another filling substance. Key pointing is then done to complete the process.

Depending on the surface you are repairing and the preexisting condition, a finish may need to be reapplied to the area. We hope brick repair is not something you ever need to concern yourself with but if it is we’re here to help.

Hire a Troy Brick Paver Contractor For Brick Repair

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